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Year 2160.

The devastating Second Solar War had ended.

Over a century earlier, a mysterious orb came to Earth and granted the entire world knowledge beyond their years. Knowledge that propelled humanity into the stars and allowed the peoples of Earth to colonize space. Known only as the Benefactors, the unknown entities that benefited humanity remained elusive.

Even with the technology and social advancements, the baseness of human aggression remained, and wars were fought, not on the ground as before – but in the depths of space. As the second of the great wars drew to a close after the devastation of the colony world, Centaur V, another orb materialized in Earth’s orbit.

It came with no science, no insights into the material universe. It bore only a single message…

“Help Us.”

Not knowing what to expect, the mega-nations still fresh from the conflict manage to assemble a small flotilla lead by a retired Admiral to journey out beyond Human Space, through the Diefenbaugh Boundary, and out into the unknowns to meet with the alien civilization that beheld such wondrous advancements.

At the center of this voyage of discovery is the First Contact team – destined to be first humans ever to meet an alien civilization.

Slipstream - The Human Odyssey

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