Slipstream - The Human Odyssey

Thursday, February 14, 2160

Leaving from the Marseilles Starport, the team’s shuttle is redirected to another terminal, and Admiral Izar is hastily brought aboard by a pair of marines in full combat armor. The shuttle lifts off, and Anya realizes that it was an emergency launch.

Arriving at the Odyssey, the shuttle is redirected to a lower secondary due to supposed problems with the main hangar. The marines aboard, along with Izar, suspect a ruse, and weapons are distributed. This is proven correct as the hangar team reveals themselves to be terrorists of the FHL (Free Humanity League). Private Gunagan, a marine recruit, is shot and killed in the ensuing combat.

Desiring the death of the Admiral, and seeing the quarry slipping away, the terrorists pull back and vent the shuttle bay – the team outside manage to return to the shuttle with only minor vacuum exposure. The terrorists are able to control shuttle functions by the standard system link that connects to the top of the shuttle upon landing. This is disconnected by Anya and Alvina.

In the half hour following, the team breaks out of the shuttle by reconnecting the system link via an emergency vacc suit and restoring pressure to the hangar. Lt. Alvina Garrot is shot by a terrorist sniper and wounded into unconsciousness during the reconnection procedure. Rayne hacks the Odyssey’s main computer, with the aid of Gizmo, and discovers an AI program named “Viki”. Viki takes over systems but this connection opens a piggyback for the terrorists’ hacker to begin accessing Viki’s files.

Admiral Izar indicates that any mention of Viki will result in prosecution and prison.

Captain Bell leads the breakout and several terrorists are successfully neutralized, include their leader, before he himself is shot and severely wounded.

Gizmo hears drilling from down the main hallway, and leads Anya to the hangar entrance door, that has been wired with explosives. Garrot and Carter press in on the remaining terrorists that have holed themselves up in a control room.

Anya untrapped the door, resets the emergency controls and opens it to find herself face-to-face with two teams of E-Series in full powered battlearmor, an armed engineering team, and MedLab combat medic team, along with Commander Flint.

The remaining terrorists shoot themselves to prevent capture.


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