IngeniCorp Indigo Space Biosuit

Counterpressure Vaccsuit


IngeniCorp Indigo Brand Space Biosuit
“Comfort, Versatility and Protection in one stylish package.”

TL 10 | Loc all | DR 15/3 | Cost 10,000c | Wgt 5 | Pwr 2C/36h hr. | LC 3


This flexible “living” counterpressure vacc suit resembles a form-fitting jumpsuit. Made of smart bioplastic, it absorbs sunlight and recycles waste, giving it an extended air supply (some wastage occurs, but the suit provides full life support for six weeks as long as its power supply can be charged). A small belt pack contains the air needed for recycling and a power pack to supplement the solar power system.
The space biosuit is self-sealing for punctures up to an inch in diameter, and more extensive damage is slowly repaired. It is powered by the user’s body heat and lives off his waste products. The suit also includes flexible bioplas gloves and a transparent hood-helmet, which are stored in the belt pack when not in use. These meld seamlessly with the suit when worn. No clothing or armor can be worn under a space biosuit.
The suit is sealed with the hood on, providing climate control (-459° F to 250°F), pressure support up to 10 atmospheres, and vacuum support. Like bioplas, the biosuit has a split DR: use its higher DR vs. most attacks, but its lower DR against corrosion, crushing, and toxic damage. The suit is also a standard computer (p. 22) with the “printed” option for flexibility.

IngeniCorp Indigo Space Biosuit

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