Helborne 10mm Storm Carbine

Helborne 10mm Carbine

weapon (ranged)

Helborne 10mm Storm Carbine
“Screw that fancy pew-pew bullshit, give me the punch of any slug thrower so I know the bastard I shoot ain’t getting back up.”

Sergeant Wilhelm Bronx,
CotUA Planetary Marine Corps

TL 9 | Dmg 7d pi++ | Acc 4 | Rng 700/2,100 | Wgt 8/2 | ROF 10
Sht 50+1(3) | ST 10† | Blk -4 | Rcl 3 | Cost $1,800 | LC 2

HUD Link (TL9)
Connected to a heads-up display (p. 24), this shows augmented-reality targeting imagery in the user’s field of view. The link shows him exactly where his firearm is pointing (+1 Acc within 300 yards, not cumulative with the Acc bonus for other targeting systems), the number of shots remaining, and – if using a laser sight or other active targeting device – the distance to the target. The user can exploit this to see around corners, exposing only his weapon.

Multispectral Laser Sight (TL9)
This device projects a low-powered eye-safe laser beam, placing a laser spot at the point where the weapon will hit. A standard feature of all TL9+ firearms, it helps the user aim or intimidate opponents.
A laser sight gives a +1 to skill when used out to the weapon’s 1/2D range, provided the dot is visible to the shooter. It can be set to use any one of these frequencies:
Visible Light: This projects a visible red, blue, or orange spot. The laser beam itself is visible only in dusty or smoky environments – which might describe many firefights!
Infrared: An infrared laser beam projects a dot that is invisible without an infrared or hyperspectral vision system.
Ultraviolet: The dot of this ultraviolet laser beam is invisible without an ultraviolet or hyperspectral vision system.


The Helborne 10mm is the standard longarm weapon of the CotUA and ECU Planetary Marine Corps. ACon uses a similar design. Rugged and reliable, the Helborne has been a favourite for two decades, shrugging in the face of the more efficient laser longarms favoured by the TNSC’s SecForce.
Most often the weapon is supplied with APEP (Armor-Piercing Enhanced Penetrator) ammunition to increase the soldier’s capability off breeching a target’s armor, even over long distances. (x2 range, armor divisor (3), P damage reduced 1 step).
The firearm comes standard with “Smart” electronics, +1 to skill rolls to fix damage or malfunctions; an electronic access system – biometric scanner – that limits usage to authorized persons. Unauthorized users cannot fire the weapon – typically set to allow everyone in a unit to share weapons; HUD link to a helmet or goggle head-up display, +1 Acc within 300m; multi-spectral laser sight.

Helborne 10mm Storm Carbine

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