Caelendori Combat Suit

Caelendori Light Combat Suit


Caelendori Light Combat Suit
TL 11 | Loc all | DR 40* | Wgt 30 | Pwr D/1wk. | LC 3

An advanced form of “smart” body armor, the Caelendori Combat Suit resembles a skin-tight vacc suit with a small backpack. Its armor is a multi-layered, three-dimensional molecular weave of diamond-based fibers with microscopic computer-controlled electric motors.
The fabric of the suit acts like artificial muscle, reading the wearer’s every movement with pressure sensors, then duplicating each movement instantly and without resistance. More pressure sensors covering the suit’s surface feel the shape of whatever the user touches and transmit it through the suit.
The suit’s muscles are normally programmed to match the user’s normal strength and running or jumping ability, but the user can set it to amplify ST and mobility instead.
If the user lacks Battlesuit skill, he may choose to deactivate the suit’s strength-augmentation feature (removing the ST enhancement and Super Jump). If so, no DX penalties are applied for lack of skill. Even without strength augmentation, suit weight does not count toward encumbrance.
Caelendori Combat Suits incorporate a built-in responsive clothing (p. 39) feature, and can perform minor fitting adjustments so that “one size fits all.”
It takes only three seconds to don and one second to remove. The suit incorporates a dynamic chameleon surface (UT p. 98-99) that automatically changes color, pattern and infrared signature to blend in with its surroundings. If the wearer desires, he can use voice control to override the suit chameleon circuits.
Its built-in systems include a filter mask (UT p. 177), hearing protection (UT p. 171), a hyperspectral visor (UT p. 61), a small radio (UT p. 44), infrared cloaking (UT p. 99), radar stealth (UT p. 100), and a tactical ESM (UT p. 62). It is sealed and provides vacuum support. The suit itself is also a standard computer (UT p. 22) with the printed option.
Like the space biosuit, the Caelendori Combat Suit absorbs sunlight and recycles waste and exhaled carbon dioxide, giving it an extended air and water supply. The suit’s backpack also includes a D cell, good for a day of operation without sunlight, and a week’s supply of concentrated rations.
Any Caelendori Combat Suit may also incorporate smartsuit options (UT p. 189-190).

Caelendori Light Combat Suit
This is the standard Caelendori Combat Suit. The suit’s augmentation grants the wearer Lifting and Striking ST+5, Basic Move +1, and Super Jump 1. The suit provides climate control (-459 F to 250 F), pressure support (30 atm.), and radiation protection (PF 5).


Caelendori Combat Suit

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