Caelendori Arm-mounted Pulse Carbine

weapon (ranged)

Pulse Carbine
TL 11 | Dmg 5d(5) | Acc 10+1 | Rng 500/1,500 | Wgt 5.6/2C | ROF 3
Sht 17(3) | ST 5 | Blk -3 | Rcl 1 | LC 2

HUD Link (TL9)
Connected to a heads-up display (UT p. 24), this shows augmented-reality targeting imagery in the user’s field of view. The link shows him exactly where his firearm is pointing (+1 Acc within 300 yards, not cumulative with the Acc bonus for other targeting systems), the number of shots remaining, and – if using a laser sight or other active targeting device – the distance to the target. The user can exploit this to see around corners, exposing only his weapon.

At +100% to cost, a blaster may incorporate a stun setting, firing a non-lethal energy bolt similar in nature to an electrolaser beam. A stun setting usually feels like a powerful electrical shock.
Unlike an electrolaser, a blaster’s stun bolt works in any environment. It takes one turn to “switch to stun.”
When set to stun, the victim takes no damage, but must make a HT roll to resist suffering an unconsciousness affliction. The penalty is -1 for every die of damage the blaster usually inflicts, up to a maximum of -10. The victim adds one-fifth of his DR to HT – that is, the blaster gets a (5) armor divisor. A failed roll results in the victim falling unconscious for minutes equal to the margin of failure.


Caelendori Arm-mounted Pulse Carbine

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