Smith, Ara

Child Prodegy


Duty: None
Rank: None, Odyssey Civilian
Nationality: None, Explorer 07
Age: 11 (non-augmented)
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Grey
Height: 1.24 m
Weight: 33.56 kg


As far as strange childhoods go, Ara has one of the strangest. Her grandparents were crewmembers of a exploration vessel called the Explorer 7 – one of nine Explorer vessels that led the expansion of humanity from the Sol system into the outlying star systems. Having detected a nearby but hidden brown dwarf star, a fateful decision was made to attempt a jump to that brown dwarf.

The jump went array when the slipstream channel was horribly thrown off course by the immense gravitational tidal forces of a nearby black hole. When the Odyssey found the Explorer 7, its crew were either dead or in their elder years, and several produced offspring – the ship itself ruined beyond functioning but was in a slowly decaying orbit of the singularity. Ara was a child of the offspring.

The Explorer was not the only vessel in orbit, but was joined by another further down in a dangerously low orbit. This vessel was continually producing a message that was similar to the Benefactor language found back on Mars, and when focused on, produced headaches, though the Ethereals of the team reported strange effects when they heard it.

Ara and the remaining people were rescued from the Explorer 7. She has since been unofficially adopted by Major Bell, as her own parents remain in their mind insanity from a lifetime of isolation. She has also displayed a strange skill with the alien language, and seems to be a living Ethereal – the reality of which would be an enormous find for the TNSC.

Smith, Ara

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