Mont-Clarent, Victoria "Nancy"

Former Terrorist/Spy


Duty: Criminal
Rank: None, Odyssey Civilian
Nationality: ECU, France
Age: 36
Hair: Black, short
Eyes: Chestnut
Height: 1.77 m
Weight: 64.41 kg


Known to the FCT as Nancy, Victoria Mont-Clarent was a high level operative in the service of The Countrymen – a shadow group of political powerhouses that were determined to see the Odyssey mission fail, and the deaths of the FCT was one of the most direct means to ensure that occurred. Victoria was put aboard the Odyssey as The Countrymen’s eyes and ears.

Victoria served them dutifully, but began to question the rationality of their motives. While no stranger to violence, Victoria has been augmented physically to be stronger and faster that a normal human. Blood deeply stained her hands, but as her assignment pressed on and the Odyssey Flotilla drew closer and closer to the gate that would see them out of Human Space, she had deeper doubts about the task she was to perform – having an attraction to the FCT’s CO, Major Bell, didn’t help matters.

When she was ordered to detonate the TranSteelĀ® dome that kept Colony Pod 1 from the hostility of space, she balked. What would have resulted in the deaths of several hundred people was too much for her and she turned away from the Countrymen. She was marked for termination, and nearly died if it wasn’t for the interference of the First Contact Team on her behalf. Even when captured and the desire to dump her in a dark hole was made known by the superior officers on the Odyssey, Major Bell stepped in on her behalf – he willingly took responsibility for Victoria. She was moved into the team’s hexplex, much to the dismay of Gizmo, whom Victoria threatened previously with a pistol.

When Bell gained the affections of the girl, Ara, Victoria almost naturally assumed a more motherly role, giving them the moniker of “Bell’s Little Family.” Though not trusted by anybody in the Odyssey Flotilla other than a select few members of the FCT, Victoria has often joined the FCT on missions.

Mont-Clarent, Victoria "Nancy"

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