Mazuera, Nita

Comms Officer, Odyssey Command


Duty: Comms Officer, Odyssey Command
Rank: Lieutenant, Odyssey Navy
Nationality: CotUA, Brazil
Age: 27 (augmented)
Hair: Black, short
Eyes: Pale
Height: 1.74 m
Weight: 65.77 kg


Often called the “Voice of the Odyssey,” Lt. Mazuera is who most off-vessel teams will speak to first before redirection to their desired parties. Not much is know of Nita Mazuera outside of the bridge command group. She does not fraternize with other naval officers, seemingly preferring to keep to herself.

Rarely excitable, Lt. Mazuera’s gentle voice has been able to calm pilots or away team members in distress. It is a curious thing that so many have come to rely on hearing that motherly voice for a sense of comfort and home, but so few actually know the woman behind it.

Mazuera, Nita

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