Harvard, Natasha

Odyssey CAG officer, friend of Chistopher Bell


Duty: CAG Officer
Rank: Lieutenant, Odyssey Navy
Nationality: CotUA, United States
Age: 34 (augmented)
Hair: Blonde, long
Eyes: Blue
Height: 1.72 m
Weight: 66.23 kg


As a good friend of Christopher Bell and a respected naval pilot, Lt. Harvard set to join the First Contact Team. That was superceded at the last moment prior to launch when Peter Dansfield stepped in and used his monetary influence on the mission to put his own girl, Anya Petrakova, on the team in her place.

Though she was put in the position of CAG officer aboard the Odyssey by Admiral Izar, her dismissal from the team has left her with a permanent sore spot, and she continues to despise Anya even months after the incident. She makes it a point to snarl at the Russian girl whenever she gets the chance.

Harvard earned her rank through the Second Solar War, flying shuttle missions and marine drops onto hostile stations or planetary assaults. Her mark of pride is that she came through the war without a mark put on her shuttles. When she as accidentally shot down by Chiyo Lieu when the Viscount was messing around with some alien planetary defense system, it made her more than a little angry.

Harvard, Natasha

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