GZM-0, Gizmo

AGECA co-pilot


Rank: None
Age: 4 (augmented)
Nationality: Synthetic
Hair: Tan/White/Black
Eyes: Dark
Length: 43 cm
Weight: 8.13 kg


Co-pilot and best friend of Ms. Petrakova. Gizmo is a product of Indigo Systems & Technology. Originally commissioned as a vanity pet, Gizmo showed remarkable personality, intelligence and technical expertise for an AGECA of his model line. He was then purchased by Peter Dansfield, Anya’s patron, as a gift for the young woman and to serve as a co-pilot for Anya’s extensive shuttle interests

The pair bonded quickly, and Gizmo became very fond of his new partner, even though her hedonistic lifestyle is a source of constant material for his wry sense of humor. Gizmo is a very independent mind, but is loyal to whomever earns his trust and respect – even though he will find it very hard to not make fun of them, behind their backs or to their faces.

Gizmo became famous when he contracted an alien virus on the planet known as 1-Gamma-3. The flu-like virus became known as H3N2-GZM0, named after its contractor and hailed as a first contact event – much to the chagrin of Gizmo

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GZM-0, Gizmo

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