ELZ-9, Elizabeth

Language Assistant, First Contact Team


Duty: Language Assistant, First Contact Team
Rank: Associate, Odyssey TNSC
Nationality: Synthetic
Age: 6
Hair: Black, short
Eyes: Grey
Height: 1.62 m
Weight: 61.23 kg


Elizabeth is one of the latest N-Series SMEs of the advanced 9 models. With a quantum core processor powering her mental functions and expansive duties given to her by her owner, Chiyo, she has thus far exceeded the typical operating parameters of N-Series assistants.

Elizabeth came into being at the Crimsonkirk SME facility in Milochau on Mars in 2154. She has served as Viscount Lieu’s assistant ever since. Elizabeth is pathologically loyal to Chiyo, to the point of willingly sacrificing herself should her mistress come into the direction of harm – much to Chiyo’s dismay and continual correction.

Having been given the AnimeGirl_2.3® cosmetic package at creation, Elizabeth is obviously an SME, despite the typically advanced design of the N-Series which allows for near-human replication.

As her mistress is a champion of equal rights though incredibly busy, Elizabeth has headed the M.P.R.F.S., the Motion for Political Rights and Freedoms of Synthetics, that Chiyo had begun. Though Chiyo is seen as the head of the Motion, Elizabeth continues to work in the background, happily guiding the organization along with direction from her mistress.

ELZ-9, Elizabeth

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