Clayton, Candace

The Human Odyssey lead reporter


Duty: Reporter, Channel 7 News
Rank: None, Odyssey Civilian
Nationality: CotUA, Canada
Age: 38 (augmented)
Hair: Blonde, short
Eyes: Green
Height: 1.71 m
Weight: 63.92 kg


Candace Clayton is a darling of Channel 7 News, one of the major inter-solar news networks in Human Space. Eager to make her mark, she tries to resist the sensationalist stories many of the Network’s competitors cover in attempts to garner viewers, but she sometimes weakens to the urge.

While not especially liked by the FCT for her tabloid-esque coverage of their exploits, she finds them a continuous source of news worthy articles for her pet project, The Human Odyssey, a weekly half-hour special detailing the events of the Odyssey Flotilla’s events for that week.

Candace is a workaholic. She has no social life outside the Channel 7 News, and often spends her nights on the couch in her office.

Clayton, Candace

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