Izar, Josef

Admiral of the Odyssey Mission, answerable only to the Conclave


Duty: Commander of the Odyssey Mission
Rank: Admiral, Odyssey Navy
Nationality: ECU, England
Age: 66 (non-augmented)
Hair: Shaven, white
Eyes: Blue
Height: 1.88 m
Weight: 95.25 kg


A veteran of both the First and Second Solar wars, Izar retired in disgust once the devastation on Centaur V was known after the battle to retake the system. When the Odyssey Mission came into fruition, Josef Izar was on the short list of possible candidates due to his experience, sense of honour and respect of those who served with him.

Izar holds command over the four vessels that comprise the flotilla, with the Odyssey has the flagship

Izar, Josef

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