Slipstream - The Human Odyssey

Wednesday, February 20, 2160, cont. part III

Wednesday, February 20, 2160

Having secured the attacking squad, the team boarded the shuttle, leaving CWO Homans and Proconsul Cella behind to watch the prisoners and tend the wounded. In flight, the team makes contact with Marshal Frost of Eden’s CVA SIT unit and Sergeant Howe of the inbound ESerAU teams. They coordinate a landing spot to meet.

Lieutenant Politz, the officer leading the attack on the team, is at first uncooperative, as he is unwilling to aid known terrorists and insurgents. However, Directeur Lieu brings him around with some soothing words.

Linking up, a plan is formulated. Lt. Frost says her team that went ahead reports 26 to 30 hostages, and 10 to 14 hostiles. They agree that the team will pretend to be captives of Lt. Povitz with SIT and ESerAU support. The others move in and the team waits for the signal.

Landing in front of the old mining facility, they are brought in by Povitz. Inside, there are 6 of the hostages, and 4 men in black armor and helmets, a fifth, a tall Aryan man without a helmet, is concluding a conversation with a dark haired woman on a computer. The Aryan questions Povitz about the location of the rest of his team, and why a medvac was launched from Eden. Povitz lies, saying he called for it as some of his team were wounded.

He is shot by the Aryan.

Bell orders a breach, and a firefight erupts. The SITs, armed with laser carbines are silent and very, very precise. The Aryan is shot down by team, and even Lieu managed to hit a target for once, stunning the assailant with her sonic stunner.

The hostages are secured in the shuttle, and Gizmo is called in. He hacks into the computer, but much of the data is encrypted behind heavy security, some that actually hurt him. He did manage to get a fuzzy still-image of the woman, and Carter recognizes her as Nancy from the club. The call was made from the Regency in Eden, from one of 3 rooms on the 16th floor.

Bell orders the team to mount up.



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