Slipstream - The Human Odyssey

Wednesday, February 20, 2160, cont.

Under the threat of Elizabeth’s termination, Sgt. Carter relinquished his weapon to the attacking unit, while Captain Bell, free from the main team, slipped through the temple’s back hallways. Seconds after Carter gave up his pistol, Lieu, working in tandem with Anya through hand signals, had Gizmo in the control room shut off all the lights. The sudden darkness spurred some of the team into action, either diving for cover or into melee range of the enemy force.

Homans put a round through the hand of one assailant, letting Garrot to snatch up his carbine and shoot him multiple times in the chest. Carter charged forward, guided only by the soft red glow of activating IR googles. Rayne, Anya and Lieu, with IR active on their flight helmets, drew their sonic stun pistols and fired multiple times at the unit, specifically two of the closest members, bringing them both low after a protracted battle.

Bell slipped in behind another soldier, shooting him in the arm with his sonic stun pistol and causing his carbine to fall. As he retrieved his weapon and turned to fire off-handedly at Bell, the Captain rushed forward and drove his foot into his gut.

Homans and Garrot, both armed with projectile firearms, turned and picked their targets with precision, leaving Carter to engage in a protracted hand-to-hand battle with the one ID’d as a lieutenant.

At the battle’s conclusion, the Lieutenant and one other called in for evac, and told another unit to eliminate the hostages. The Lieutenant was tackled from behind by Carter and his sole active compatriot kicked into the ground by Bell. The Lieutenant was secured, and convinced by Directeur Lieu and several guns to cancel the termination order, while a shuttle dubbed Black Bird landed outside the temple.

Garrot, using her Ethereal telepathic abilities, forced her way into the Lieutenant’s mind, and received images of a mine building nearby. Lieu found the guilt-wracked Brother Victor in the communications room and asked him for the location of the hostages. She is told Mining Station 18A, about 6 kilometres directly east of Station Theta.

Lieu, contacting Odyssey Control, is informed that the trio of ESerAU units will be redirected to Mining Station 18A, ETA in 18 minutes. Thinking that too long, Lieu called in Gizmo to link up with Peter Dansfield, and hopefully get his influence to contact NavTech and Eden security forces. Anya spoke with him, and he agreed to get NavTech “to help out his little girl.” They should be there in 8 to 10 minutes.

The shuttle pilots were convinced to enter the temple and render aid with prisoner security and they, in turn, became prisoners.



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