Slipstream - The Human Odyssey

Wednesday, February 20, 2160, con’t. part IV

Wednesday, February 20, 2160

With hostages aboard, the shuttle lifted off from the mining station, bound for a return to the temple to retrieve CWO Homans, before returning the hostages home to Station Theta. Anya decides on buzzing a nearby rock formation, which ultimately makes a couple of the young adults ill. Lieu gets angry at her.

Landing at Station Theta, the hostages are checked out, and brought inside the main hall after breathers were provided for. This causes panic and frantic questions as mention of a hostage situation starts to spread amongst the faithful there. Bell contacts the local CPA office to help secure the Regency floor 16 in an attempt to box in ‘Nancy’.

Marshall Xin sends out three patrol units. Bell orders Anya to lift off, and fly to Eden. Wisely, he contacts Eden flight control before flying an unmarked, unidentified military shuttle into a civilian population centre. Flight control still sent out a pair of suborbital fighter-interceptors to escort. They lock on and guide the shuttle to Eden.

Landing at Eden Starport, the team is met by a CPA cruiser and driven into the city proper, arriving at the Regency in short order. They find that the street in front of the hotel has been cordoned off, and several CPA vehicles have secured the building, along with a Medlab trauma team, and a control van. Marshal Xin finds the team, and informs him that he has two officers down – one with neural shock, the other with a shatter femur and broken nose. The woman has an accomplice, a man in black with glasses.

Bell asks to see the security tapes, sending the non-combatants off to an Orange Julius across the street. While Lieu is just about to enter, she notices a woman with long blonde hair in a Skylord X37 sport coupe just exiting the hotel with a male driver. The woman looks directly at her before making a point of not seeing her. She calls it in, but is told that all people leaving the hotel have been scrutinized and are cleared.

The CPA have a registry of room occupants, 1621 was recently vacated by an M. Monroe from Earth. 1622 was also recently vacated by V. Montalet, of Titan A54, and1623 is occupied by an older man and woman – Robert and Marguerite Bakely

The security tapes show four possibles. M. Monroe is a long haired blonde woman, V. Montalet could have been either a older balding man, younger man, or middle aged dark haired woman. Carter, examining the images, couldn’t recognize Nancy.

Bell, in an effort to get a more positive ID, takes Gizmo up to the two rooms for scent-identification. He recognizes Nancy’s perfume scent in 1621. Marshal Xin calls in the ID and physical description of the woman, then is informed that the north section just let through a woman named Olivia de Havilland matching that physical. She had ECU diplomatic clearance.

Bell heads downstairs to report in to Odyssey Control. Admiral Izar pulls the team back to the safety of the Odyssey, telling them that they are a beacon to a mission that is unpopular in some circles.



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