Slipstream - The Human Odyssey

Tuesday, February 26, 2160...

…to Thursday, March 7, 2160

In the final days before Launch Day, the team was busy with their personal activities.

Alvina found a community of ethereals that has begun to form at the back of the Odyssey in the lower decks. A fledgling community, they have already started a small cantina and gathering place. A few curious warm-bloods have also started to hang around, and have been moderately welcomed providing they don’t case trouble.

Caesar arrived a week after the request was put in. In the last days before launch, Alvina has started to receive dreams of an old man, half-remembered and vague. Purchasing a computer and 3D graphic software, she creates a render of the man’s face.

Chiyo visited family and friends, dinners and tearful farewells, always having in tow her faithful assistant, Elizabeth. Back on ship for the final days before launch, there is another incident with Elizabeth and the unknown harassers. Chiyo is prompted to form CCR, a network group against racism and specism, while again filing a well-written report to Bell. Interest in CCR is meager at the start.

Carter just parties it up and takes advantage of the shipboard facilities.

Bell spent most of the time engaged with meetings, news conferences, and formal dinners, finally getting enough of a handle on things for at least a couple days off just before launch.

Anya doesn’t get a break. She is introduced to Lt. Svensson, a brutal, unamusable pilot in Lt. Harvard’s entourage. Harvard said that she is too busy to ruin Anya’s life herself, so Svensson is going to do it for her. Anya and Gizmo are subjected to harsh military boot camp training as Svensson drives her mercilessly. Anya, used to being pampered and getting her way, lashes back. But, as she is still a civilian, Svensson tries to go through Bell for permission to discipline her, but is ultimately refused. Anya is also talked down by Bell and told to behave.

She still manages to complete her training, and gains her military certification, along with Gizmo. She also finds that she has earned a callsign, and is now Sass. Gizmo is Mutt.

Harvard put out a call for pilots to join in a Launch Day celebration, and while she conveniently “forgot” Anya, Bell signed her up.

Come Launch Day, a large celebration is held in the park of the upper Colonization Pod. Medals were awarded to several of the crew by Admiral Izar, including the Meritorious Service Cross to the team. Carter is also awarded the ECU Bronze Combat Lifesaving Medal for his actions in saving Lt. Brandon from the attack on Mars.

In a rare occurance, and prompted by the fledgling awareness and stern words regarding harrassment of non-human entities, Admiral Izar acknowledged the actions of both Elizabeth and Gizmo, and awarded them the medals as well.

Anya then has to run from the ceremony to the Hangar 2 flightdeck for the flyby. Once in space, she decides that showing off would be a good idea. She performs a deft maneuver over the pod’s dome to the panic and then delight of the onlookers at the celebration. Commander Flint looks directly at Captain Bell, knowing full well who is in that shuttle. Harvard is completely unimpressed and utters death threats against Anya if she shows up back on board. Shuttle 4, Wild Dog, asks Anya to marry him.

As she is coming around to return, Gizmo reports a power overload beginning to build in the #3 conduit. She is forced to shut everything down to avoid an explosion and get towed back in by Shuttle 4.

The others of the team head to the bridge of the Odyssey on personal invites of the Admiral to witness the vessel as it enters the slipstream.



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