Slipstream - The Human Odyssey

Thursday, February 21, 2160...

…to Monday, February 25, 2160

Session opened with Anya in a simulation of a crashing shuttle. She managed to pull the shuttle out of its uncontrolled descent, despite Harvard’s attempts to disorient and brow-beat her.

Bell met with Commander Flint regarding several issues, including special clearance for his marines to carry high lethality weaponry, and something about an order for several boxes of Crunchy-Munchy Yummy vittles. He is also informed that the woman they know as Nancy has not been located by Eden CPA, as it is believed she left Mars just after the hostage incident. There is also no record of a Olivia de Havilland on the ECU political staff.

Elizabeth was apparently a victim of hostile discrimination in the market district, upsetting Chiyo and prompting her to go to Bell. Elizabeth was not very forthcoming with information, as it is not in her coding to cause problems or seek revenge for wrongs.

Alvina spoke with a senior TNSC official regarding the requisition of an H-Series combat K-9 unit named Caesar. The Proconsul did not seem amused by the request, but since the team are celebrities now, no doubt TNSC resources will be expended to transport Caesar to the Odyssey.

Carter received a contact from Viki who assailed him with multiple questions, which he answered. Partway through the conversation, Gizmo heard him talking to somebody and became curious. Carter picked him up, and brought him into his quarters, after Viki spoke again. At the same time, Bell returned from his meeting and overheard Viki as well. Bell has a talk with Carter and Gizmo, telling them to keep it under wraps, and even told Viki to remain cautious and even deceptive, with her TNSC handlers. Gizmo managed to get the delivery of the Crunchy-Munchy Yummy vittles approved for his compliance.

CWO Homans shows up and tells Carter to stop playing with the dog and get dressed, they are going to see Crash Flight, a band playing in the lower colonization pod. Everybody but Bell goes. On the way there, Carter thinks he spotted Nancy, and follows, while Anya is spotted by a fan, a little geeky guy named Bernie who is a tech on the shuttles.

“Nancy” went to a building and entered, the sign said Digital Bliss Clothing & Textiles. While the group caught up with Carter, a woman exited through the same door, with an appearance similar to Nancy’s. She seemed perplexed by the group outside her building, but ultimately brushed them off.



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