Slipstream - The Human Odyssey

Sunday, February 17, 2160

Captain Bell holds a group information session in the team’s quarters (Hexplex 23). Sgt. Carter and CWO Homans (the pair of marines that guarded Admiral Izar aboard the shuttle) are officially assigned to the First Contact team.

Lt. Natasha Harvard shows up with some other navy friends, and invites the group, via Bell, up to Michaelangelo’s Bistro in the upper colony pod. She announces that she is the new CAG officer.

Carter remains behind, and is contacted by Viki through the internal comm terminals, thus beginning a several hour conversation between human and sheltered AI system.

Later that evening, the team is invited to attend an event on Mars hosted by NavTech Computer Systems, one of the largest computer corporations in Sol space. NavTech systems run most of the ships that travel Sol space, including all three of the Odyssey flotilla.



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